Beiersdorf Opens Eucerin Skin Institute

Making the Eucerin brand something you can experience up close—that is the mission of the world’s first Eucerin Skin Institute, opening in an old post office building in Hamburg on Feb. 3, 2012. The Eucerin Skin Institute is designed not just as a traditional flagship store, though it will serve as a staging ground for the brand: the institute will also is a unified concept consisting of scientific skin diagnosis, a well-founded and personal consultation as well as individual skin treatment. With this the Eucerin brand will move closer to consumers and strengthen its position as a leading medical skin care brand in German pharmacies.

At the same time the Eucerin Skin Institute for the first time offers dermatologists and pharmacists a skin competence center in which they can learn comprehensively about Eucerin and about the subject of skin itself. Eucerin is committed to close collaboration with dermatologists and pharmacists. With the Dermatologikum Hamburg and the Pharmacy at the Dermatologikum together under one roof, the Eucerin Skin Institute finds itself in an ideal neighborhood and offers consumers a new center for all skin questions in the heart of Hamburg.

“With the Eucerin Skin Institute we have created a place where people can experience the brand world of Eucerin. Close dialogue with consumers has always been a part of our research. At the Eucerin Skin Institute we can share our holistic understanding of the skin, learn directly from our consumers and cull important findings for our product development,” said Karin Hannig, head of Eucerin Worldwide.

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