Mary Kay Promotes Its Virtual Makeover App

Helping consumers discover different beauty looks and makeup techniques, Mary Kay has taken its popular online makeover tool and developed an app for smartphones and tablets. The Mary Kay Virtual Makeover app has the same features as the company’s online-based version but in the convenience of a mobile device.

Women can upload their photo and create customized looks to suit their current style or try a new style right on their smartphones or tablets. Beauty products from every makeup category are available to create new looks. Plus, hairstyles and accessories are available to add finishing touches. For those who would rather try out the new look on a model, the app offers 19 images of models of various skin tones, hair color, eye shape and ages so users can find the model that most closely represents them.

“Every woman I know has a makeup drawer full of bad choices,” says Sheryl Adkins-Green, Mary Kay Inc.’s chief marketing officer. “All of those shades that looked great in the package but did not deliver the expected look once you tried it on. This is why our virtual makeover tool is so useful. You can try on the product virtually, play with makeup and create every look imaginable. From the everyday natural beauty to the glamorous smoky eye, you can see how it looks on you. You can decide what looks great before you purchase from your Mary Kay independent beauty consultant.”

According to Patricia Wanderley, Mary Kay Inc.’s vice president of global digital marketing, Mary Kay’s online virtual makeover is one of the most visited sites on Wanderley says, “The Mary Kay Virtual Makeover app is just as popular as the online version. Since launching this spring, the app has been downloaded nearly 500,000 times and counting. Thanks to the mobile version of the virtual makeover, women can try a new look while standing in line for their morning coffee or waiting at the doctor’s office—all with just a few swipes on their phones.”

The app is available in several countries, including Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and Spain, and it can be downloaded on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Google Play devices, and the Kindle Fire.

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