PBA Debuts New Look, Logo and Tagline

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is rolling out a new look, logo and tagline as part of its newly unified association and direction. Beginning in early September, PBA members and the industry at large will start seeing fresh, cohesive visuals along with PBA's new tagline: Advancing OUR Industry. This new direction is part of an enhanced marketing and branding campaign designed to unify the various aspects of PBA's mission.

Along with the new look, PBA is honing its focus on five core program areas: government advocacy, education, charitable outreach, signature events and member services. PBA believes investing in these areas is critical for both its members and the industry. By creating a more consistent look and messaging, PBA members will be able to better recognize and take advantage of the many programs, opportunities and events the association offers.

"While our members and the industry will see new visuals, PBA remains solely focused on delivering upon our mission to help beauty professionals, beauty companies and our industry advance and succeed," said Marissa Porcaro, PBA director of marketing and communications.

The new campaign will be anchored by a modernized and cleaner logo. PBA's well-known "tile" will be updated to become more of a "dialog box." Furthermore, the "Advancing OUR Industry" tagline, which is at the core of PBA's mission, will be used across various marketing mediums to reinforce PBA's goal. The overall effect is to provide a consistent look that will reinforce PBA's involvement, regardless if it is one of the association's major industry events, such as the International Salon & Spa Expos or an online education seminar. As the branding becomes more consistent, members and non-members alike will be able to quickly identify the association's core program areas as PBA.

Once the immediate campaign is rolled out, PBA will begin developing a more user-friendly website that will allow users to more easily access information and benefits.

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