Instagram the New Destination for Engaged Digital Beauty Marketing?

Social media and digital marketing company Zuum released a new report, “Report - Beauty Brands and Instagram,” noting the increased importance for beauty brands to target Instagram in their social media marketing efforts. As the company notes, “brands are definitely connecting with their audience on platforms outside Facebook.”

The report looks at how consumers’ digital activity compares between Facebook and Instagram, as well as what brands are doing to help ensure their marketing is a success on Instagram. Social networks Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest are gauged, and beauty brands included in the research were Chanel, Clinique, Covergirl, Dior, Estee Lauder, L’Oreal Paris, Mac Cosmetics, Maybelline New York, NARS Cosmetics and NYX Cosmetics.

Zuum shared the following highlights:

  • Facebook is the dominant social network in terms of fan count: Average of 72% of all communities reported on.
  • Instagram is only the 4th largest community based on industry average.
  • Industry-wide, 77% of all social content engagements are happening on Instagram. Facebook garners 27%.
  • NYX, the brand with the smallest overall fan count, has the most overall engagements (97% of those engagements happened on Instagram.)
  • Engagement rates for the top industries are: Facebook = .13%, Twitter = .019%, Instagram = 3.14%.

Zuum also offers its report “Report: 7 Brands Generating More Engagement on Instagram than on Facebook,” which shows how brands Coca-Cola, Oreo, Red Bull, Chevrolet, Maybelline, Calvin Klein and Burberry are pushing their marketing efforts ahead via Instagram.

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