BYS Cosmetics Takes Runway Speed to Cosmetics Market

According to a report by Business World Online, Australian company BYS Cosmetics has taken a background in fashion and runway trends full speed to the cosmetics market, but with a focus on affordability. BYS Cosmetics founder Ed Aitken explained this approach in a recent interview.

“One of the biggest strengths of BYS is its ability to develop new products and take them to market at an affordable price," he said, noting regular visits to the United States and Europe to scout for new trends. "We also keep in close touch with our network of worldwide distributors so we can tailor specific products for specific markets.”

Like many manufacturers, BYS knows speed to market is essential, so its overseas team works closely with production facilities to develop products that reach BYS stores quickly. Aitken added, "While similar products are available in makeup stores for hundreds of dollars, BYS can come up with a product of similar quality for up to 50% less, thanks to the company’s vast network of suppliers and product developers around the globe."

Before entering cosmetics, the company had years of experience in fashion accessories, which constantly change. It adapted this dynamic to the cosmetics industry, and according to Aitken, has proven it is possible to produce innovative cosmetics without exorbitant price tags. The company boasts more than 1,000 offerings in its portfolio. For just the eyes, more than 100 products are available in 12 categories. For nails, there are currently more than 400 shades. The company also provides mineral makeup without dyes or preservatives.

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