Munroe Bergdorf to Help Guide L’Oréal's Inclusion and Diversity Efforts

@MunroeBergdorf / via Twitter
@MunroeBergdorf / via Twitter

Former L’Oréal spokeswoman Munroe Bergdorf has announced she will be rejoining the brand as part of L’Oréal's U.K. diversity and inclusion advisory board.

Bergdorf was let go from the brand in 2017 after she took to Facebook urging white people to “admit their race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on Earth.”

According to an article on, Bergdorf recently criticized the cosmetics giant after it posted a support message for Black Lives Matter, tweeting “You dropped me from a campaign in 2017 and threw me to the wolves for speaking out about racism and white supremacy. With no duty of care, without a second thought.

"I had to fend for myself being torn apart by the world's press because YOU didn't want to talk about racism. You do NOT get to do this. This is NOT okay, not even in the slightest."

A separate post on Bergdorf’s Twitter stated that Delphine Viguier, the new president of L’Oréal Paris, reached out for an “open and constructive conversation.”

The post went on to say that Bergdorf had accepted a consultancy role on the brand’s U.K. diversity and inclusion advisory board where she will be “helping to influence and inform the brand."

Bergdorf added, “I believe in accountability and progress, not cancellation and grudges.”

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