Prima First to Offer EWG Verified CBD Products

EWG and CBD is the right mix for Prima.
EWG and CBD is the right mix for Prima.

Prima, which became a certified B Corporation in June 2020, is reportedly the first hemp CBD brand with Environmental Working Group (EWG) Verified products. The certification is awarded only to products that meet stringent ingredient and transparency requirements and covers the brand's The Afterglow, Enlightenment Serum, R&R Cream, Bath Gem and Night Magic products.

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The EWG Verified mark ensures that a product avoids EWG's chemicals of concern (ingredients with purported health, ecotoxicity and/or contamination concerns), provides full ingredient transparency and disclosure, and is manufactured according to good manufacturing practices.

"The CBD industry needs regulations and standards to protect consumer health and safety, and EWG's rigorous independent verification process sets the bar high for CBD brands and the industry at large to follow our lead," said Jessica Assaf, co-founder and chief education officer of Prima. "We're proud to have EWG's support as we deepen our industry-defining standards."

"In a new and unregulated industry, EWG's mark is critical in helping vulnerable consumers easily identify products that are non-toxic and healthier," said Christopher Gavigan, founder and CEO of Prima. "This validation and verification furthers Prima's industry-defining commitment to clean, science-driven, credible and transparent business practices, setting the bar even higher for the CBD industry at large,"

"As the clean beauty and skin care market continues to grow, it is vital that we at EWG continue to grow with it," said Ken Cook, president and co-founder of the Environmental Working Group. "The five Prima CBD products marks a first for the EWG Verified program, and an important milestone for EWG, Prima and the skin care industry as a whole."

"As active stewards and vocal champions of the highest quality standards in product safety, purity and sustainability throughout our careers, we are incredibly proud that Prima is the first brand in the hemp CBD industry to have products 'EWG Verified,'" said Laurel Angelica Myers, co-founder and COO of Prima. 


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