Olivia Munn Signs On as Proactiv+ Spokesperson

Actress, comedienne and philanthropist Olivia Munn, together with Guthy-Renker, announced her partnership with Proactiv+ as the newest brand advocate who will share her story of beating breakouts and rediscovering clear and radiant skin.

“Being in my 30s, I never imagined having to deal with acne again. It was something I had as a teenager. But I woke up one day and saw unwelcomed blemishes—my skin was changing,” said Munn. “But now as an adult, I’m a lot wiser; I realized that acne isn’t curable—it’s about management and protection. I wanted a system that could help my breakouts and still be healthy for my skin. Proactiv+ was the answer.”

“I hated having to wear a hat or using my hair to cover my face when I met new people. Even worse, I had to start caking on makeup when I was on set. I had to wear more makeup than I was comfortable with to get my skin 'camera-ready,'” added Munn. “Now I love the way my skin looks and feels. I don’t have to hide my skin anymore.”

Beginning in spring 2014, Munn will appear in TV commercials and digital campaigns to share her journey to clear, beautiful skin.

“We wanted to work with Olivia, obviously because she loves Proactiv+, but also because of her honesty, charismatic personality and sense of humor,” said Greg Renker, co-founder and co-chairman of Guthy-Renker. “She’s relatable and showing stories like Olivia’s help people understand that they are not alone in their acne struggles. Proactiv+ helped Olivia and can help others’ skin flourish too.”

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