Quadpack Foundation x Fundació Impulsa Youth Empowerment

Fundació Impulsa was founded in 2015 in Catalonia, Spain.
Fundació Impulsa was founded in 2015 in Catalonia, Spain.

The Quadpack Foundation, the charitable arm of beauty packaging manufacturer and provider Quadpack, has pledged to continue supporting Fundació Impulsa throughout 2021. The Spanish non-governmental organization aims to enhance the prospects of socially vulnerable young people through employment training and mentoring.

Fundació Impulsa was founded in 2015 in Catalonia, Spain. It works through volunteer mentors, who develop close relationships with students to provide guidance on study, career options and any hopes and concerns they might have. Mentors can also introduce students to companies for internships.

Quadpack foundation manager Marta Gil, said: “Our goal is to ensure that we have a positive impact on people and the environment, wherever Quadpack is present. In this, we involve all our stakeholders, so our combined activities have a ‘multiplier effect.' We want to be an active participant in fostering sustainability in our communities, inspiring and enabling as many people as possible to collaborate, from colleagues and business partners, to families, friends and neighbors.”

Alejandra Manau, executive director of Fundació Impulsa, said: “In addition to the essential economic support, Quadpack Foundation has given us strength and credibility. We are a young charity and the help of a company like Quadpack, with its size and reputation, gives us the confidence to believe that we are doing things right.”

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