Urban Decay x Cybersmile Launch Anti-bullying Campaign


Urban Decay Cosmetics and The Cybersmile Foundation are launching the Online Bullying Hurts IRL global initiative that pledges to bring deeper awareness to the personal toll of online bullying and promote digital well-being.

The Cybersmile Foundation will be working closely with Urban Decay to guide and educate the brand's consumers, fans and corporate community across the brand's website and social channels over the next three years.

As part of the campaign, Urban Decay will be partnering with select influencers to share personal stories of their experiences with online bullying. Fans and followers will be encouraged to comment a heart emoji on these posts to show their support. For each heart shared on brand's Instagram post, Urban Decay Cosmetics will donate $1 to the organization to support its mission, up to a $150,000 donation through September 24, 2021.

Cheryl Vitali, global president of L'Oréal Luxe Brands, said: "It is within the core DNA of Urban Decay Cosmetics that we celebrate what makes us unique, challenging the social norms of beauty. We encourage beauty to be real, unexpected, and most importantly, a tool for unleashing our most authentic selves. Everyone should have the equal right to enjoy a connected world where we feel free and safe to express our individuality."

Wende Zomnir, Urban Decay Cosmetics' founding partner, said: "We can tackle cyberbullying and celebrate the uniqueness and individuality within each of us. We are a brand that has always championed what makes us different, and we want to encourage that no one should diminish what makes them beautifully different in the face of a bully."

Scott Freeman, CEO of Cybersmile, said: "Cybersmile is proud and excited to partner with Urban Decay Cosmetics to tackle the growing problem of cyberbullying and online abuse on a global level. This partnership will enable us to positively impact huge numbers of people with hope, education and support for a wide range of issues affecting people online. We look forward to working together to highlight that we can all be changemakers in some capacity while empowering people to deal with cyberbullying effectively and confidently as an intended target and bystander."

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