Burt's Bees Launches Campaign

Burt's Bees is debuting its "Natural Vs." breakthrough advertising campaign in February 2008. Created to address confusion among consumers over what constitutes a natural product, the campaign will launch with two print advertisements. Ads for Replenishing Lip Balm and Naturally Nourishing Body Lotion are the first two of six print advertisements throughout 2008, each focusing on key products for the brand.

"This campaign represents a tremendous step toward educating the public to read labels correctly while showcasing the benefits of natural and raising awareness about what natural really means," says Mike Indursky, chief marketing and strategic officer, Burt's Bees.

The advertisements feature female bodies without recognizable faces that the company believes speak to every consumer. The models are photographed unclothed and surrounded by nature.

"It's not about how harmful a synthetic ingredient is," says Indursky, "It's that we believe that natural alternatives are fundamentally better and that truly natural products shouldn't contain synthetic ingredients."

To further help consumers, Burt's Bees initiated the development of a Natural Standard, and is now working with the Natural Products Association and other companies to finalize the standard and a corresponding seal, which will launch in 2008. Both the advertising and the Natural Standard are designed to educate consumers on what constitutes a truly natural product and how to ascertain that information. Burt's Bees believes they have the responsibility to do this as part of a commitment to what they call "The Greater Good."
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