SoftSheen-Carson Unveils New Interactive Web site

SoftSheen-Carson revealed a new interactive Web site to engage and reward its customers. Enhanced graphics, improved navigation, entertainment features and Softsheen-Carson brand-specific microsites will work toward higher brand loyalty from consumers. GCI magazine recently spoke with Maya Brown, director of integrated marketing, Softsheen-Carson, about the new site specifics.

GCI: How will the redesigned Softsheen-Carson Web site and its microsites re-establish the brand’s marketing presence and the overall impact the brand has on its customers?

Maya Brown: The newly redesigned SoftSheen-Carson Web site reinforces our commitment to providing innovative solutions for our consumers. Our site serves as an online destination for hair product information, beauty trends and entertainment. We’ve added new features such as a store locator identifying where to buy our brands with our retail partners and we’ve enhanced our Style Zone section, containing hair tips and style advice. Additionally, we’ve add several new microsites, which immerse our consumers into an interactive brand experience.

GCI: Which new additions to the Web site are you most excited about?

Maya Brown: We’re excited about many of the changes to the SoftSheen-Carson site, but we’re specifically excited about our new consumer rewards program, The SSC Lounge. The SSC Lounge gives our consumers a chance to play games, get hair tips, try different hair styles and redeem their SoftSheen-Carson purchased products for rewards. It’s a dynamic, interactive domain specifically designed to engage, entertain and reward our consumers.

GCI: How important is digital interactivity with your brand’s consumers via this newly re-designed Web site?

Maya Brown: Utilizing new forms of media to connect with our consumers is very important to SoftSheen-Carson. One of the reasons we redesigned our Web site is to leverage the new paradigms of technology, such as social and interactive media. Our new microsites: and feature interactive tools such as hair diagnostics, e-cards and quizzes. These tools are not only for entertainment but also to educate consumers about their hair needs and to recommend solutions. Our hope is to constantly provide new digital enhancements for our consumers several times a year to stay ahead of the trends.

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