Shiseido Expands Social Beauty Care Center

Shiseido will expand its Social Beauty Care Center, located at its corporate office. The company views contributing to society through cosmetics and beauty care as a core part of its activities, and seeks to strengthen initiatives to support this view. This approach, according to a company release, is in accordance with its aspiration to play a useful role in society as a corporate citizen responding positively to the desire of all customers to become more beautiful.

The center provides advice on makeup techniques to individuals with traumatic skin conditions to support the improvement of their quality of life. As part of its mission, the center carries out activities for cancer patients and cancer survivors by developing foundation products to address their skin concerns. Center staff also visit medical institutions and other facilities that share the same goals to provide makeup and skin care advice for patients.

Shiseido also plans to enhance these activities by holding group seminars at the center, and is launching a new program for medical workers, social workers and patient advocates.

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