Amway Global To Launch Mobile Brand Experiences

Amway Global announced that it will launch a North American tour of mobile brand experiences to increase consumer awareness of its two flagship brands, Nutrilite vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements; and Artistry skin care and cosmetics. The tour will feature two customized vehicles designed to educate consumers about the brands and offer opportunities for product sampling.

"This campaign is unlike anything Amway Global has done before," said Steve Lieberman, managing director, Quixtar North America/Amway Global. "We're incredibly proud of our Artistry and Nutrilit brands, but they've been two of the world's best-kept secrets. We intend to change that by literally taking these brands on the road and introducing them to consumers. We're excited to take to the streets, show consumers what we're all about, and support the independent business owners who sell these products and have made these brands global leaders in their categories."

Artistry generates more than $1 billion in annual global sales and has been one of the world's top five best-selling prestige beauty brands for more than seven years (based on Euromonitor International's study of global 1998-2003 retail sales and study of global 2001-2005 retail sales of facial skin care and color cosmetics).

The mobile brand experiences are part of a larger Amway Global investment to help raise public awareness of its business, opportunity, and products in North America. The company currently operates as Quixtar North America/Amway Global but is transitioning to the Amway Global name by 2009. To support this brand transition and also build awareness for the company's flagship brands, the company is investing in a multimillion dollar advertising campaign, direct response marketing, and high-profile sponsorships such as the Tina Turner tour and a national sponsorship of the YMCA announced last week.

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