Social Networking Site Spurs Sampling Program

Beauty enthusiasts with tight wallets now have an alternative, more convenient option than splurging on new or unfamiliar beauty products., a social networking Web site for beauty professionals and consumers, has launched an interactive quarterly sampling program to cater to the demands of the beauty community.

Through consumer word-of-mouth and an advisory panel offering expertise, as well as a quarterly kit of new beauty products to sample for a membership fee of $50 every three months, consumers get introduced to brands and products new to them, helping to build customer loyalty and a more educated brand experience. The Beautyfix Advisory Panel, consisting of 30 makeup and hair professionals, estheticians, medical professionals and beauty bloggers, decides on the final items included in the Beautyfix sampling kit. Brands first submit products to the panel for consideration, and each quarter, the panel chooses their favorite seven to 10 products to include in the gift. Beautyfix members then have the opportunity to personally sample all panel picks when the kit is delivered to their homes. The Web site then enables members to offer feedback on the items included in the kit, as well as to share makeup tips and application advice.

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