Shiseido Appoints Masahiko Uotani Its 16th President

Shiseido convened a meeting of its board of directors and determined a change of its president and CEO. Shinzo Maeda, current representative director, chairman, president and CEO will retire from the position of president and CEO, and Masahiko Uotani, chief executive partner of BrandVision Inc. and outside chief marketing advisor for Shiseido will assume the office of president and CEO as of April 1, 2014.

Uotani also will be appointed to representative director with approvals at the 114th ordinary general meeting of shareholders, which is scheduled to be held at the end of June 2014, and following meeting of the board. Maeda will be chairman (representative director) from April 1, 2014, and he will retire as chairman and representative director and will become a senior advisor at the end of the 114th general meeting of shareholders. Shiseido is taking on the challenge to recover a growth potential and profitability in order to become a global player representing Asia with its origins in Japan. President Maeda, who has acted as both chairman and president since April 1, 2013, has been implementing solutions for growth challenges along with thorough distinction and concentration. Through these efforts, he has paved the way for Shiseido’s future growth. Shisedio has decided to start a new phase with a new management structure in order to ensure its growth and therefore decided to change president as of April 1, 2014.

Uotani offers managerial excellence with a proven track record, including serving as president and chairman of the Coca-Cola Japan Company, Limited for 10 years. Upon assuming a post of outside chief marketing advisor for Shisedo in April 2013, Uotani has been leading a charge to enhance Shiseido’s key brands and lines while also absorbing Shiseido’s corporate philosophy and sharing his passion for manufacturing with many employees of Shiseido.

Uotani’s high level of marketing ability, strong leadership and experience in global business make him an ideal candidate for his new position with Shiseido. He remarks, “My mission is to realize Shiseido’s further innovation and growth for the next stage by reinforcing, accelerating and developing management reforms that were started by Mr. Maeda in order to revitalize Shiseido. I will stake my life on this job-- to have wonderful Shiseido become a leading brand and the one of the greatest global companies for the next 50, and even 100 years.”

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