Cargo Cosmetics Helps Celebrate the Return of Girls

Cargo Cosmetics was on-site to celebrate the season three premiere of the HBO series Girls, which premieres Sunday, January 12. For the event, stylized scenes from the subway featured the show's season three premiere poster opposite the word “Girls” spelled in tiled mosaic. To complete the scene, party-goers could grab a bite to eat in a life-size subway car followed by a trip to the “newsstand” to choose from a selection of candy-colored confections for dessert. For an extra special addition to the night out, Cargo hosted an interactive makeup station offering attendees mini-makeovers and quick touch-ups.

With a steady flow of traffic, the custom-designed Cargo vanity area and makeup stations created an on-theme and inviting area for attendees to stop by for touch-ups highlighting Cargo’s new collection. The looks of the night created by the brand’s team of makeup artists included bold, poppy lips accentuated lashes and highlighted cheeks. Inspired by the looks of the cast, artists emulated different elements via a natural “Hanna” look, classic “Marnie," femininely sweet “Shoshanna,” or bohemian chic “Jessa.” In an effort to encourage attendees to create their own Girls-inspired look at-home, Cargo was also included in the official event gift bag.

After recently relaunching with a new look that celebrates Cargo’s heritage of travel and exploration and introducing Chloe, an illustrated girl that appears seasonally in different destinations and embodies the spirit of the brand, there was a strong interest in the Girls series. Chloe possesses similar qualities to each of the Girls' girls—she’s smart and worldly, feminine, whimsical and a little irreverent. Also similar to the series, the brand’s new image celebrates creativity, self-expression and the possibility of new adventures. There is a natural connection between Girls viewers and Cargo’s target demographic.

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