Brand Growth and Cross-border Marketing Help Shiseido Achieve High Financial Growth


Shiseido has announced its financial results for Q3 2018 and the first nine months of FY2018. 

During Q3 2018, Shiseido saw net sales reach ¥273.2 billion and experienced "high growth" with organic sales increasing by 9.9% when compared to Q3 2017 and by 24% when compared to Q3 2016.

According to Shiseido, during the first nine months of FY 2018, net sales were ¥805.8 billion, increasing more than ¥100 billion from last year. 

Norio Tadakawa, corporate executive officer, CFO, Shiseido, explained, "We were able to achieve these results because we have created a virtuous cycle in which a combination of accelerated brand growth and effective cross-border marketing in our Japan, China and Travel Retail businesses is leading to considerable improvement in our cost structure."

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