LB Equity Gives Standard Dose a Hit


Investment firm LB Equity (LBE) has announced an investment in Standard Dose, a platform dedicated to wellness through natural healing products, including education and the sale of hemp-based Cannabinoid (CBD) beauty products.

LBE focuses on emerging brands in the beauty and personal care sectors. This is the first portfolio investment in the company’s $50 million LB Equity Emerging Growth Fund, which will concentrate on investing in beauty, health and wellness, with an emphasis on emerging cannabis-based products and companies.

Standard Dose is a digital retail platform which provides content to educate consumers on all aspects of the CBD market, including the restorative properties of CBD, current industry research, product and dosage information and regulatory updates. It also sells a curated collection of hemp-derived CBD products, launching with 37 distinct beauty and lifestyle consumer brands.

“LBE is targeting the massive opportunity available at the intersection of the rapidly growing cannabis industry and the many emerging brands within the skincare, beauty and related personal care sectors,” said Jay Lucas, managing partner of LB Equity. “With experienced executives from both the finance and beauty industries, LBE is perfectly positioned to leverage the transformational impact that these newly legalized cannabis-based products will have on the beauty industry.”

“Our goal at Standard Dose is to facilitate an honest conversation about CBD and to help consumers gain clarity of an industry that, until now, has been confusing and unregulated,” added Anthony Saniger, founder and CEO of Standard Dose. “We take the time to vet all of our products and share information so that consumers can choose CBD products with confidence. With the very recent legalization of CBD, we know that interest in the industry and its products will skyrocket. Standard Dose will be the go-to source for anyone interested in elevating their lifestyle by tapping into the natural health benefits of CBD products.”

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