Shiseido Debuts Updated Corporate Philosophy


The Shiseido Company, Limited (Shiseido) has unveiled an updated corporate philosophy.

“Companies today are required to deliver social value while achieving economic value, which may be determined by sales and profits,” the company said in a press release. “In response, we newly set ‘The Shiseido Philosophy’ to provide products and services beyond consumers’ expectations in efforts to contribute to society through identifying ever-diversifying values and needs of people around the world in relation to beauty.”

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“The Shiseido Philosophy” consists of three elements. Per the company:

Our Mission is our corporate mission and raison d'être, and that which Shiseido strives to fulfill for all people, society and the environment. Our Mission has been newly defined as “Beauty Innovations for a Better World,” based on our wish to help people worldwide to keep their minds and bodies healthy and live beautiful and positive lives. Shiseido will continue creating beauty innovations to make a better world.

Our DNA has been passed down since 1872, the birthyear of Shiseido. Our mission is achieved through the following six strands of DNA: People First, Diversity, Science & Art, Japanese Aesthetics, Uncompromising Quality, Omotenashi. These are the strengths of Shiseido, a company of Japanese origin.

Our Principles are a collective attitude emphasized by eight expressions and valued by all members of Shiseido in their everyday work: Think Big, Take Risks, Hands On, Collaborate, Be Open, Act With Integrity, Be Accountable, Applaud Success. They are the foundation for Shiseido to sustainably embody Our Mission.

The company’s corporate philosophy dates to 1921 and the introduction of the Shiseido Five Principles; its “Corporate Philosophy” debuted in 1989, and was reintroduced in 2011 under the name “Our Mission, Values and Way.”

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