How Kao Uses Apps to Drive Sales


Kao Corporation, a maker of skin and hair care brands like Jergens, John Freida and Goldwell, has come to an agreement to use Apigee’s API platform to build apps, including the sales partner app, which provides Kao sales representatives with data on territories and customers. The goal is to drive sales in real time.

The sales partner app also integrates the company’s core systems and provides fast access to customer sales and product information. Future features for the app will include app-to-app integrations such as mobile order entry apps, as well as product-related and marketing-asset apps.

“Our customers want immediate access to real-time product and customer data, custom-tailored to their needs,” said Keith Soward, application group manager at Kao USA. “We need to be agile and fast.  Sales and marketing teams can’t wait six months to get the app or data they need in order to drive sales.  We have to have our data available for new apps, new technology, new partners, and new ecosystems.”

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