Why Hasn't Anyone Acquired Honest Company?

Is beauty at the core of Honest Company's future?
Is beauty at the core of Honest Company's future?

Honest Company plays in the increasingly lucrative natural beauty sector and reportedly has annual revenue of $300 million and a valuation of about $1.7 billion. At the same time, beauty M&A has never been hotter. So why is the company still independent?

We previously reported rumors of a Unilever takeover, but that deal has yet to materialize. Nor has an IPO. An excellent review by TechCrunch offers some insights on why.

The company is reportedly focused on a broader omnichannel strategy, international expansion (Canada and, perhaps, Europe) and, maybe, a more beauty-centric strategy. The evolution has come alongside departures of top executives, TechCrunch notes. These changes may signal the reasons why Honest Company hasn't (yet) announced a big move.


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