[free webinar] Beauty & the Circular Economy

This free webinar will take place on Thursday, October 15, 2020, at (9 a.m.)
This free webinar will take place on Thursday, October 15, 2020, at (9 a.m.)

Beauty consumers and retailers increasingly demand more from sustainable products and brands. As a result, packaging, ingredient, product development and marketing leaders are increasingly adopting circular economy principles. This requires the designing out of waste and pollution from products and systems, keeping products and materials in-use for as long as possible, and the regeneration of natural systems. 

This multi-part briefing on "Beauty & the Circular Economy" will provide attendees with first-hand insights into how global brands like Henkel and Kao, recycling leaders like TerraCycle, and sustainable ingredient developers like Aprinnova are rising to meet today's challenges.

What this webcast will cover:

  • Circular economy: an overview
  • Brand perspectives on design, circular systems, marketing and more: Kao Brands and Henkel North America/Schwarzkopf    
  • Insights on circular economy practices in action: TerraCycle
  • Upcycled ingredient innovation

Who should attend: Beauty brand leaders, marketers, product developers, retailers and allied professionals.

When: Thursday, October 15, 2020, at (9 a.m. Central/10 a.m. Eastern/7 a.m. Pacific)


  • Jeb Gleason-Allured, Allured Business Media, content director 
  • Marissa Vallillo, Kao Brands, marketing and product development expert 
  • Martina Spinatsch, Henkel North America, has more than 30 years of industry experience in the development of consumer products
  • Gina Herrera, TerraCycle, senior director of brand partnerships 
  • John Toner, Aprinnova, leads global innovation efforts to help the industry shift towards sustainability without sacrificing performance
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