Nielsen Expands U.S. e-Commerce Measurement Business

Nielsen Expands US

Nielsen Global Connect has announced the expansion of its U.S. e-commerce measurement business by adding data from e-commerce channels, including pure-play retail.  

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Nielsen Global Connect’s ePanel contains more than 1.5 million households and captures more than 700,000 online transactions each week, enabling insights across over 800 retailers for more than 200 categories.

According to Nielsen Global Connect’s latest data, the number of new online consumers has grown beyond 18 million since March; this number continues to steadily grow. 

The grooming company Dollar Shave Club, spirit maker Pernod Ricard and nearly 20 other companies have joined Nielsen Global Connect’s e-commerce client roster, per Nielsen.

Liz Buchanan, head of Nielsen’s consumer intelligence business unit, North America said, “The pandemic has required businesses in every vertical to rethink and adapt to the rapid changes in consumer behavior. In a matter of months, we’ve seen an accelerated growth of e-commerce in the United States and around the globe. And as we quickly moved to expand our e-commerce read, we saw tremendous momentum in the marketplace for our ePanel solution.”

Irene Chistodoulaki, director of brand management, Dollar Shave Club said, “We chose Nielsen Global Connect because having a more precise view into the e-commerce landscape in our key categories, better visibility of the emerging players in pure play and a keen understanding of the role subscriptions play in driving loyalty are critically important to the success of our business."

Buchanan continued, “When the industry needed online consumer intelligence the most, we stood ready with an e-commerce measurement solution that goes beyond the industry norm. Our multi-sourced, e-commerce measurement approach logically follows the nuanced behavioral differences of digital commerce around the globe so our coverage can evolve with the consumer. In the U.S., our enhanced ePanel methodology has allowed companies to better meet the unique challenges of COVID-19, innovate and grow. As we approach 2021, the need to have a strong e-commerce measurement provider will be an imperative for all consumer businesses.”

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