Formula 1 Racer Becomes Face of Braun

Braun, the P&G men's grooming brand, announced triple Formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel as the new global ambassador for its male power grooming range. This collaboration also marks the launch of the Braun global campaign “Hold on to Your Dreams."

The announcement was made at the Formula 1 Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps, where Vettel said, “I grew up with the Braun brand. We both come from the same state of Hesse, so the connection is deep rooted. I have always been amazed by how much technology goes into Braun shavers. It’s just like in Formula 1, the latest technology, the finest design and guaranteed durability. They simply do what you expect from them. I’m proud to be the ambassador for Braun male grooming.”

Braun’s global marketing director Lakis Vasileiadis says “We are truly delighted to have Sebastian as our new ambassador. He is an impressive man who has achieved his dream through hard work, preparation, perseverance and the ultimate performance. He is a leader in his sports. Like Max Braun, our founder, Sebastian has relentlessly pursued his dream. He is an inspiration to millions of men and the ideal person to represent Braun.”

Braun is inspired by men like Sebastian: a high achiever, who realized his dream to become the youngest Formula 1 champion ever. Vasileiadis comments, “We have a similar belief in and understanding of dreaming. And we don’t just dream, we bring them to life. It is our aim to inspire others to realise their dreams too.”

Vettel will be the face of the new Bruan shaver’s campaign, “Hold on to Your Dreams,” kicking off in autumn 2013. Together with Vettel, Braun is calling on men around the world to never give up chasing their dreams.

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