Easton Pharmaceuticals Seeks to Buy Anti-aging Skin Care Brand

Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company that designs, develops, and markets a premium array of topically delivered therapeutic health care products, announced it has signed a letter of intent to acquire a line of anti-aging and beauty care products.

The company has 60 days to perform its due diligence and review the line of products as well as any intellectual property including any patents or patent pendings that may come with the acquisition. The list of products includes an anti-aging, hemp-based moisturizer, a product fortified with hemp oil that is derived from a different form of cannabis plant known to have high amounts of proteins and amino acids to compliment the companies medical marijuana initiatives. As well as encompassing hemp oil, the anti-aging moisturizer uses pure botanical natural ingredients derived from plants, including organic herbs. Other products include a specialized anti-aging serum fortified with high amounts of vitamin C, a skin discoloration/age spot treatment gel, and an anti-cellulite varicose veins treatment system.

The product line and the company the products are being acquired from will stay confidential until closing of a final definitive agreement, which the company believes has a high probability of closing. Both companies have 60 days in which to come to terms and close on the final agreement. Whether the transaction closes or not, it is anticipated that Easton will be providing assistance to these products by lending the use of its own technology to help improve the products efficacy and delivery through the skin. Should the deal close, this acquisition will bring Easton into the cosmetics industry, which will coincide and complement its therapeutic line of products including its main product, Viorra.

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