Eltronis Group Launches Product Protection Software

Eltronis Group's Engage, a cloud-based software solution.
Eltronis Group's Engage, a cloud-based software solution.

Eltronis Group has launched Engage, a cloud-based software solution that provides brands with a tool to link products to the internet through consumers’ smartphones to circumvents counterfeiting and boosting consumer engagement.

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Engage is meant to help brands counter the current counterfeit trend by promoting the provenance of an item and building protection against potential counterfeits. Consumers scan the packaging using their smartphones to launch an online link defined by the product being viewed.

Brands select the website they want consumers to see, enabling relevant information to be shared and unlocking insights into the purchasing process through the Engage platform.

The software platform can be tailored to each brand’s specific requirements and is accessed via either a visible or hidden QR code and serial number added to the packaging. This provides access to a wide variety of information for both brands and consumers through creating a digital fingerprint that increases security, visibility and insight across the supply chain.

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