National Association of Corporate Directors Announces Partnership With e.l.f. Beauty

e.l.f. Beauty will also be a sponsor of the NACD Center for Inclusive Governance (CFIG).
e.l.f. Beauty will also be a sponsor of the NACD Center for Inclusive Governance (CFIG).

The National Association of Corporate Directors has announced a partnership with e.l.f. Beauty.

e.l.f. Beauty will sponsor board preparation training for 20 director candidates through the NACD Accelerate program.

The candidates will be sourced by NACD, e.l.f. Beauty and a variety of NACD-affiliated partners that work with the Center for Inclusive Governance.

e.l.f. Beauty will also be a sponsor of the NACD Center for Inclusive Governance (CFIG). CFIG focuses on DE&I governance and oversight and on bringing together the expertise, resources and influence to create systemic change to shape the American boardroom.

Peter Gleason, NACD president and CEO, said, "We're proud to partner with an organization that cares so deeply about DE&I practices. We know that the e.l.f. Beauty sponsorship of the NACD Center for Inclusive Governance will benefit not only NACD, but all our members and employees."

Tarang Amin, e.l.f. Beauty chair and CEO, said, "We are honored to join NACD to impact positive change. It takes intention to create change, and like NACD, e.l.f. Beauty is passionate to influence diverse, equal, and inclusive boardrooms. At e.l.f., we have demonstrated that diverse governance drives long-term business growth and unlocks the full potential of a company. We are deeply committed to helping other companies diversify their boards and shape cultures to create positive, empowering, long-lasting change."

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