Colgate Zero Portfolio Embraces Clean Oral Care


The launch of the Colgate Zero portfolio offers consumers oral care products made without artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives and colors. 

The portfolio includes toothpaste and mouthwash products created for both adults and children.

Greg Ross, general manager, Oral Care, North America at Colgate-Palmolive, said, "As consumer preferences shift towards products containing less artificial ingredients, we wanted to ensure Colgate users had products that fit their lifestyles."

Colgate Zero products include:

  • Colgate Zero Peppermint Toothpaste is meant to protect against cavities, strengthen tooth enamel and freshen breath by utilizing a micro-foaming formula and natural peppermint flavor. Colgate Zero Spearmint Toothpaste is also available.
  • Colgate Zero Mouthwash Fresh Breath was created to eliminate 99% of germs while freshening breath with a natural peppermint flavor. 
  • Colgate Zero Mouthwash Healthy Gums, available in a natural spearmint flavor, is meant to strengthen enamel.
  • Colgate Zero Mouthwash Strong Teeth is available in a natural peppermint flavor and was created to kill 99% of plaque germs. 
  • Colgate Zero Toothpaste for Kids 2-6 Years utilizes a fluoride formula to strengthen tooth enamel and protect against cavities. The toothpaste is available in a natural strawberry flavor and is ADA accepted. 
  • Colgate Zero Toothpaste for Kida 3-24 Months is a fluoride-free formula meant to offer a gentle clean for teeth and gums. The toothpaste is available in a natural mild fruit flavor. 
  • Colgate Zero for Kids Manual Toothbrush is BPA-free and can be used by children 2 years and older. 

Colgate Zero products will be available at most retailers including Walmart, Target and Amazon.

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