New Avenues for Fragrance & Beauty Foods

According to Irina Barbalova, head of beauty and personal care research, Euromonitor International, July and August 2010 saw spur of innovation activity and many companies committing to their international expansion plans. This was particularly pronounced in the area of natural cosmetics. While “natural” and “organic” are still not easily associated with fine fragrances, recent industry developments are clearly pointing in this direction.

As Euromonitor International’s latest data indicates, concerns with ingredients’ safety and suppliers making greater inroads in developing organic and natural perfumes may soon break the traditional norms of the fragrance world.

Similarly, beauty foods and supplements are exploring new routes for promoting skin health and beauty enhancement through ingredients, such as probiotics, which have not been traditionally associated with beauty. In another report, Euromonitor writes that probiotics have risen to become one of the world’s most popular functional ingredients.

Ingredient data shows that global volume consumption rose from 26,539 tons in 2004 to 44,661 tons in 2009, surpassing omega-3 consumption by more than three times. Barbalova notes, however, that it’s yet to be shown how ingredient formulations in supplements can be successfully adopted in other nutricosmetic products.

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