Burst Out of Dry Skin into Hydration


What it is: Hydration Burst Collection by Botanics

Claims: The Hydration Burst Collection includes  Dual Action Cleanser, Hydrating Day Cream, Burst Micellar Cleanser and Light Serum. The line of plant-based products help boost the complexion and lock in moisture for 24 hours. Dual Action Cleanser transforms into a soothing moisturizer that does not leave the skin feeling dry or tight. Hydrating Day Cream boosts moisture and soothes sensitive skin. Burst Micellar Cleanser is a non-rinse cleanser that removes makeup without leaving skin feeling dry. Light Serum is a non-greasy formula that helps to restore the skin’s natural barrier.

Key ingredients: Olive fruit oil, glycerin, water, panthenol, potassium sorbate

Price: Dual Action Cleanser ($8.99), Hydrating Day Cream ($15.99), Burst Micellar Cleanser ($8.99) and Light Serum ($15.99)

Where to buy: www.target.com

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