Beiersdorf Sees 1.1% Sales Rise in 2011

Beiersdorf AG has released its financial figures for 2011. The company is optimistic about the future after closing the fiscal year as expected. “We are making good progress on the realignment of our corporate structures and processes as part of our drive to increase the regionalization of our consumer business. We are optimistic that we will grow in line with the market again in 2012.” said CEO Thomas-B. Quaas.

The consumer business was realigned and strengthened in 2011 by comprehensive streamlining of the product portfolio and global marketing measures. In particular, the wide range of activities surrounding Nivea’s 100th anniversary were a key source of momentum. Around 1.6 million consulting sessions were held at over 75,000 promotional stands in retail stores in 52 countries as part of the brand's skin advisory tour. Nivea also recorded around one billion Internet hits, including more than 200 million on social networks.

In fiscal year 2011, Beiersdorf’s group sales rose by a nominal 1.1% to €5,633 million (previous year: €5,571 million). Sales rose organically by 2.1%. The operating result (EBIT) excluding special factors amounted to €646 million (previous year: €699 million), while the corresponding EBIT margin was 11.5% (previous year: 12.5%). Profit after tax excluding special factors rose to €434 million (previous year: €425 million).

In the consumer business segment, Beiersdorf increased its sales organically by 1.1% last year. EBIT excluding special factors amounted to €537 million (previous year: €599 million), while the corresponding EBIT margin was 11.4% (previous year: 12.7%). The three global skin care brands—Nivea in the mass market, Eucerin for dermocosmetics, and La Prairie in the luxury segment—performed positively in 2011, albeit to different degrees. Nivea achieved organic growth of 2.1% worldwide, Eucerin recorded global growth of 4.8%, and La Prairie recorded a 3.4% increase in sales.

Performance in the global consumer markets was very mixed. Business in the United Kingdom and Russia was very positive, while sales in other European countries did not match prior-year levels due to the streamlining of the product portfolio, among other things. In Germany, the consumer business segment recorded a positive trend in its Nivea core segment. However, its exit from the Nivea makeup business had a clear impact. The business segment performed particularly well in Latin America with growth rates in the double digits. In the Africa/Asia/Australia region, sales were up only slightly on the previous year, due to the impact of the reorganization of business structures in China.

In the following years, the company aims to improve sales growth as against the previous year. The consolidated EBIT margin from operations should resume its growth in 2012. In the consumer business segment, Beiersdorf anticipate a growth in line with the market in 2012. The EBIT margin from operations is expected to exceed the prior-year level in 2012.

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