Fighting Blue Light with Goodhabit


Goodhabit is a skin care brand offering products that were specifically built for the digitally savvy world.

Goodhabit products are meant to defend and protect against artificial blue light and other modern-day skin stressors. The products contain both nature-derived and synthetic ingredients that will not irritate or disrupt the skin’s microbiome, according to the brand. Products are vegan and clean.

The brand’s proprietary BLU5 technology reportedly acts a filter to neutralize that effects of blue light and reverse existing blue light damage in five different ways:

  • Neutralizes the effects of blue light, shielding skin from future damage
  • Creates youthful-looking skin, helping to smooth over fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brightens skin tone, preventing and fading the look of hyperpigmentation
  • Visibly improves skin's texture and helps maintain a firm, supple appearance
  • Helps maintain a healthy glow by protecting skin from oxidative stress

Goodhabit’s Rescue Me collection includes:

  • Clean Scene Micellar Gel
  • Texture Magic Exfoliating Toner
  • Glow Potion Oil Serum
  • Water Jelly Dew Cream

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