L'Oréal Extends Offer to Purchase Skin Care Brands from Shiseido

L’Oréal has extended an offer to Shiseido for the acquisition of its Decléor and Carita skin care brands. Based on this offer, Shiseido has granted L’Oréal exclusive negotiation rights.

Decléor/Carita achieved a turnover of approximately €100 million in 2012, which ranks the group as No. 2 on the worldwide professional skin care market in beauty institutes, spas and hair salons. Professional skin care treatments and those given by hairdressers both share the importance of professional services and advice provided by technically trained experts.

The brands are inspirational and complementary. Founded in 1974, Decléor is a leading brand in aromatherapy. And created in 1945 by Maria and Rosy Carita, known as hairdressers for stars, Carita incarnates the art of prestigious French pampering. Under Shiseido's leadership, the brands strengthened their equity, developed their global footprint and grew to the No. 2 position in the global professional spa and beauty institute market.

An Verhulst-Santos, president of the professional products division with L’Oréal, said, “This project is a wonderful opportunity for our division to become a major player in this strategic professional beauty market, complementary to hair salons. Decléor and Carita are two beautiful, prominent beauty institute brands, particularly well-established in Western Europe. Their growth perspectives, especially internationally, are very promising.”

An agreement could be signed in the coming weeks following consultation between L’Oréal and Shiseido employee representatives. The acquisition also will be submitted to the approval of the relevant regulatory authorities.

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