Facialderm Fights Stress, Aging With Product Range


With hectic, on-the-go lifestyles, a constant connection to social media and a deafening political climate, today's consumers are no strangers to daily stressors. And the strain may have an adverse impact on skin health.

Facialderm specializes in neurocosmetics meant to combat both facial stress and aging. According to the brand, it has studied the connection between skin and the nervous system and found that the active ingredient neurophroline "reduces to 70% the production of cortisol—the main stress hormone—in two hours."

Facialderm allows consumers to personalize their skin care routine by selecting from its line of five boosters and two creams. The products can reportedly be combined depending on the individual needs of the skin. 

Products include:

  • Serum Booster 01 Lifting & Facial Anti-stress;
  • Serum Booster 02 Repairing & Facial Anti-stress;
  • Serum Booster 03 Anti-spots & Facial Anti-stress;
  • Serum Booster 04 Pore Minimizer & Facial Anti-stress;
  • Serum Booster 05 Anti-pollution & Facial Anti-stress;
  • Facial Cream C1 Anti-aging & Facail Anti-stress; and
  • Facial Cream C2 Anti-aging & Facial Anti-stress. 


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