Inside Priori Skincare's Relaunch

Tetra fx251 - Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50
Tetra fx251 - Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50

Priori Skincare, a brand specializing in adaptive skin care, has debuted its re-brand and the launch of skin care products for the clean skin care and sun care markets. 

Priori Skincare's clean, turmeric-infused line TTC (Triple Turmeric Complex) comprises formulas free of sulfates, SLS and SLES. 

The collection includes:

  • TTC fx320 - Illumination Treatment
  • TTC fx330 - Tightening Eye Serum
  • TTC fx340 - Skin Restore Cream
  • TTC fx341 - Luxuriant Cream
  • TTC fx360 - Natural Enzyme Peel & Mask
  • TTC fx310 - Naturally Enriched Cleanser

Priori Skincare's Tetra is a sun protection product created to provide four levels of protection from "the harsh effects of an ever-changing environment." Reportedly, the formula has been clinically shown to block 43% of harmful (HEV) high energy, visible blue light from everyday electronics.

Tetra's four levels of protection include:

  • Broad-spectrum mineral SPF 50
  • DNA enzyme complex
  • High-intensity radiation complex
  • Antioxidant complex

Tetra is formulated with Genetic Protection Factor (GPF) benefits and helps repair skin damage while providing full protection by adapting to each individual's environmental changes, the brand explained.

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