Acne-free in 1, 2, 3


What it is: BioClarity Skin Care System

Claims: This twice daily, three-step skin care system is formulated with salicylic acid and Floralux to treat acne and restore the natural balance of skin, while reducing side effects such as skin redness, dryness or itchiness. Additionally, Floralux is a naturally derived ingredient, which uses chlorophyll—the green material in plants—to refresh skin, while attacking acne-causing bacteria. The system with the ingredient result in more even skin tones, less oil and shine, reduced redness, smaller pores and softer, well-hydrated skin. The three-step system consists of a cleanser, treatment gel and restore gel.

Ingredient highlights: Salicylic acid, Floralux, calming green tea, cucumber, chamomile extract, oat kernel extract and invigorating licorice root.

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