Icelandic Biotechnology Skincare Line Comes to the U.S.


Three Icelandic geneticists were not trying to create a full skincare line, but after 10 years of research and a lot of science, BioEffect was created. This line of Icelandic skincare, which powered by biotechnology, is now available in the United States.

Why is it special?

These anti-aging products have been reinforced with epidermal growth factor, or EGF. This is a naturally occurring human protein that signals receptors in the skin to create new cells. This helps improve skin density, suppleness and moisture and can aid in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Not to mention the barley used in the production is cultivated in Icelandic volcanic pumice and watered with pure Icelandic spring water in a state-of-the-art ecologically-engineered greenhouse in Iceland.

Studies show…

  • 29 women during a three-month study saw 100% noticeable improvements in their skin
  • After two months participants saw 44% reduction in wrinkles
  • 58% improvement in overall skin texture
  • 42% reduction in pore size
  • 42% improvement in brown spots

“The EGF Serum is by far more impressive than anything I’ve seen for aging or tightening,” said Dr. Ronald L. Moy. “In fact, it rivals some of the procedures we do to tighten the skin.”

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