Kao Develops Applicator to Improve Biomimesis Veil Use

The Veil Applicator expands application to around the eyes, mouth and nose.
The Veil Applicator expands application to around the eyes, mouth and nose.

Kao Corporation has announced it is preparing to introduce the Veil Applicator, designed to ease the application of Biomimesis Veil skin care around the eyes and mouth. Launching September 4, 2020, the uniquely contoured sponge’s release will coincide with the expanded introduction of the Sensai Biomesis Veil in Europe.

Initially, Biomimesis Veil was recommended for use on the cheeks and forehead, but Kao Laboratories have successfully developed the Veil Applicator, expanding application possibilities to dryness-prone areas, such as around the eyes, mouth and nose.

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To apply, users first put the product on the surface of the applicator using the Veil Diffuser, then transfer the product to desired areas of the skin with gentle dabs using the applicator.

“Many Biomimesis Veil purchasers asked us if there was a way to use this unique technology to apply intensive moisture care to the eyes and mouths,” said Dominic Pratt, Ph.D., vice president, research and development skin care products research at Kao. “This was a challenge, as conventional sponge applicators are incompatible with the ultra-fine Biomimesis Veil film. With help from one of our ingenious young researchers, we developed a special applicator that beautifully transfers the Biomimesis Veil to the skin areas around the eyes and mouth, which are typically the areas most affected by dryness.”

Pratt continued, “Biomimesis has the potential to be applied to many fields. While our current focus is night care, we are accelerating our efforts to utilize this technology for day care and make-up, as well. We expect to bring innovate new solutions based on Fine Fiber Technology.”

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