Top 4 Beauty Search Trends of 2020: Spate

The lip plumper product has 25,900 searches
The lip plumper product has 25,900 searches

Spate has released the top four beauty trends that received the most traction in digital searches between February 16, 2020, and November 29, 2020.

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Hair Care

According to Spate, the highest grow product in the hair care category is hair dye, with 122,000 searches. The natural hair color category has seen growth of 226,000 searches. 

Skin Care

Data shows vitamin C serum is the highest-growth product with 54,600 searches. Overall, the accessories and devices category is seeing 110,000 searches. The skin care category is reportedly still seeing increased interest compared to 2019.


Most makeup products have seen decline in search interest, but lip plumpers and eyebrow products remain steady.

Overall, the lip plumper products category is seeing the strongest growth, an increase of 32,800 searches. The eyebrows product category has achieved growth of 22,800 searches.


Spate reports that the highest-growth product in fragrance is candles, with a gain of 275,800 searches. Overall, the candles category is seeing the strongest growth with 298,000 searches. The perfume products category has 161,000 searches. 

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