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Eewee Production Launches Skin Care Line & Meditation App

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  • Eewee Production has launched a free, beauty-focused, guided-meditation app to help individuals reduce stress for the sake of their skin.
  • Eewee also launched its new natural skin care line Nabia, which is available exclusively through Amazon.

Natural skin care company Eewee Production, Inc. has announced two new consumer offerings: Nabia, a new plant-based natural skin care line, and Beautitation, a beauty-focused, guided-meditation app.

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With the launch of these two new products, Eewee Production aims to help skin through a surface approach, with topical products, as well as a root cause approach, with stress-management through meditation.

Joining Eewee Production's existing Respekt line of natural skin care products, Eewee Production rounds out its current portfolio of wellness and beauty offerings. Respekt is made with organic and vegan ingredients and its product line features facial sheet masks, Anytime Face Mist and Vita C Mist.

Nabia, an Amazon exclusive natural skin care brand featuring plant-based, affordable products that are skin-friendly with no synthetic fragrances. Suitable for women of all ages, current product offerings include a foam cleanser, toner, moisturizer, serum, cream, face mists and face sheet masks. More products are set to be launched in 2020.

Beautitation is a free beauty meditation app, currently available in the IOS App store with an Android version on the way, intended to help women incorporate meditation techniques into their daily skin care routines to aid in reducing stress.

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Featuring more than 200 guided meditation sessions and sounds—topics include Moisturizing Mediation, Anti-Aging Meditation and Brightening Meditation—connecting beauty and wellness in a unique way.

“At Eewee Production, we believe in the virtuous cycle of wellness and beauty and that the two should always go hand-in-hand, which we call ‘WellBeauty’ vision,” Heyyoung Kim, Eewee Production CEO and co-founder, said. “In order to pursue our WellBeauty vision, we focus on ‘No Harsh Chemicals, No Stress Skincare,’ leading to the development and launch of our new Nabia and Beautitation products.”

Kim continued, “Stress affects 30% of our skin condition but the current beauty industry focuses only on surface solutions with skin care products. With the rising awareness of skin-mind connection, psycho-dermatology, it's been proven that only three to four minutes of meditation a day can help ease the tension and bring out physical beauty benefits.”