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Mother-daughter Duo Launches Individual Cosmetic Lines

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Raquel Riley Thomas and her daughter Maria Raquel Thomas are bringing solutions to the cosmetic world.

Entrepreneur Raquel Riley Thomas and her 14-year-old daughter Maria Raquel Thomas have each started their own cosmetic lines to bring solutions to problems women and girls have. Raquel Riley Thomas Beauty targets beauty on a time crunch, while Maria Raquel Thomas Beauty focuses on the challenge of brittle, chapped lips.

Raquel, an army veteran and former pageant queen, is the founder of Raquel Riley Thomas Beauty. She has invented a concept called 3GL: glamorous lips, glamorous lashes and glamorous lids (eyeshadow). Her products aim to help women still look glamorous well shortening the amount of time they spend getting ready.

Maria’s brand focuses on lip care. For years she had the challenge of chapped lips herself, so the future scientist invented an exfoliant to solve the problem. She also invented lip glosses to coincide with the exfoliant to give young girls more confidence. The lip glosses have names like: unique, determination, beautiful etc.