Boosted Commerce Acquiring FoxyBae

FoxyBae has seen revenue grow at a rate of 87%+ over the past two years.
FoxyBae has seen revenue grow at a rate of 87%+ over the past two years.

Boosted Commerce has announced the acquisition of FoxyBae.

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FoxyBae has seen revenue grow at a rate of 87%+ over the past two years. 

FoxyBae joins the Boosted portfolio of more than 40 brands, expanding Boosted’s portfolio of better-for-you brands in the beauty, health and wellness category.

Boosted’s team of experts will help FoxyBae expand its scale within its existing distribution channels, while driving immediate growth within Amazon. Additionally, Boosted plans to develop new FoxyBae products with a strong focus on underserved hair care consumer segments, an industry that is expected to reach $1.9 billion by 2025 according to a recent report by Mintel.

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Keith Richman, co-founder and CEO of Boosted Commerce, said, "FoxyBae’s leadership has proven that they intimately understand the hair care market and their customer base. They have built a brand of high-quality, highly coveted products through their customer-centric approach to product development, distribution and marketing. A company with this kind of foundation aligns perfectly with our desire to focus on goods that have the right product-market fit. As we bring FoxyBae into new territories with our wealth of resources, we are excited to learn from their team and grow even further into this category.”

FoxyBae co-founder, Miguel Gauthier, said, "I’m really proud of our team and how hard we’ve worked to build FoxyBae. We’ve learned so much along the way, and I’m very excited that there’s still so much room to grow. We got excited when Boosted recognized our potential and presented the opportunity to help bring FoxyBae to the next level. Our employees are also very excited by all the additional resources and to join the amazing team at Boosted. We can’t wait to see what’s next for FoxyBae.”

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