[influencer interview]: Rowi Singh: Passion + Consistency Win on Tik Tok

The Australian-born Indian artist engages her audience with makeup tutorials.
The Australian-born Indian artist engages her audience with makeup tutorials.

Tik Tok influencer, Rowi Singh, has a video portfolio full of colorful looks, fashion and home decor. The Australian-born Indian artist engages her audience with makeup tutorials. She was drawn to Tik Tok because she genuinely enjoys the process of content creation. The creator notes that she has learned that, when it comes to Tik Tok, the best strategy is to avoid over-planning. Read on to get the influencer’s insights into best practices.

How would you describe your Tik Tok content?

[RS]: My Tik Tok is a video portfolio of my colorful looks, fashion, home decor and very small glimpses into my personal life. 

What is the mission of your Tik Tok content?

[RS]I'm drawn to Tik Tok because I genuinely enjoy the process. I'm trying to steer clear of tracking numbers and followers and will create what comes naturally to me. I've applied a very loose strategy, as I've noticed that videos that I meticulously plan tend to get a fraction of views compared to videos I produce on a whim. I find that Tik Tok is more about consistency, frequency and a degree of relatability, rather than real quality content. 

What drew you to Tik Tok to begin with?

[RS]: I was mostly a consumer at first, and I fell into a niche of other fellow makeup artists. I saw a fun opportunity to showcase my looks in a more engaging way, i.e. through transitions and fast-paced, enthralling tutorials. 

What do you enjoy posting about the most? 

[RS]: I love creating makeup transitions. It's a fun and captivating way to showcase the before and after of a makeup look. I also love creating home decor compilations, sharing glimpses of my home.  

How often do you post?

[RS]It's fairly inconsistent, but sometimes I'll post one to two times daily. Other times I'll post only two times a week. 

Where do you get your information from?

[RS]In terms of my content, it's fairly internal. I conceptualize these looks from the ground up, sometimes drawing inspiration from Pinterest. 

What's involved in creating viral content?

[RS]: I've noticed the key is to draw your audience in the first few seconds, use descriptive text and to keep it short and sweet (under seven seconds). Sometimes it's hard to tell what will go viral and it’s down to pure luck. Most of my viral moments are built around a crazy makeup look, or colorful home decor. I've struck a balance between educational and inspirational content. 

What inspires you?

[RS]: Everything, from colors I see in my day to day, to other talented makeup creators, to sound bites that would make for a captivating video. 

How do your fans respond to sponsored posts vs regular posts? 

[RS]Sponsored posts tend to underperform compared to my regular posts if they're not well integrated on my page. This usually happens when brands are too prescriptive with their brief and don't give me creative freedom. Sponsored Tik Tok’s work best when they're not overtly forced onto my audience. 

How do you decide which brands to collaborate with?

[RS]: I usually know if it's a good fit straight off the bat. There needs to be a strong alignment between myself and the brand. If it's something I'd see myself using, then it's a good fit. 

What are some of your long-term goals as an influencer?

[RS]: I want to work on expanding my brand presence beyond content creation by providing multiple mediums for audience engagement. This includes creating my own brand, having a podcast and delving into more detailed tutorials and product reviews. 

What can your fans look forward to this year?

[RS]: Creating a brand, masterclasses/workshops, exclusive paywall content and collaborating with makeup moguls on products. 

Who do you follow?

[RS]: I follow a range of creators from crazy talented makeup artists to comedians to astrologists and all-around engaging personalities. 

What advice do you have for aspiring influencers and entrepreneurs?

[RS]: You have to start somewhere, so take one step toward your big idea. It can be small or big, just keep moving forward. Don't be afraid to post your content. A little passion and consistency will get you so far, no matter what you do. 

What makes a marketing partner fun to work with?

[RS]: They're collaborative and open to my ideas. They understand that I am a brand partner, not just an influencer. My content is valued beyond metrics. 


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