Boundaries Between Premium and Mass Eroding

According to Euromonitor International’s new Cosmetics And Toiletries in the US report, one of the major and continuing trends in U.S. beauty care is the erosion of clear boundaries between the premium and mass segments, which is particularly noticeable in skin care. Technology, previously available mostly to makers of premium beauty care aids, has been spreading into mass cosmetics and toiletries.

Through 2011, Euromonitor International expects most makers of premium beauty care products to try to boost the prestige image and exclusiveness of their brands to counteract the trend toward the blurring of boundaries between mass and premium. To boost the image of premium brands and claims of advanced quality, manufacturers are planning to take a step back and to put more emphasis on their strongest brands and specialized distribution channels—such as stand-alone boutiques, as well as department stores.

In the coming years, Euromonitor International expects sales of both “masstige” and prestige products to do well. This will be due to consumers' shift toward premium quality products and to more efforts invested by the makers of premium products in strengthening the image and reputation of their top brands. Consumer demand for higher quality will keep mass and premium cosmetics and toiletries manufacturers on their toes as they seek to launch ever more innovative products.

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