Lithuania Launches National Fragrance

Hoping to help communicate a distinctive feel and emotion to associate with the ex-Soviet Baltic state, the country of Lithuania has developed a national perfume to share with the world. Galimard (Grasse, France) developed the fragrance, which contains notes of cedar, moss, musk, sandalwood, wildflowers and wood fires, all of which reflect Lithuanian culture and heritage.

Mindaugas Stongvilas, a member of the fragrance project’s team and an expert in emotional communication, told the Lithuanian daily newspaper Vilniaus diena, "We wanted to create something special, representing Lithuania and the Lithuanian character.” And the country’s foreign minister has already shared bottles of the new fragrance with ambassadors around the world. In addition, Lithuanian soldiers deployed in Afghanistan also received samples, and it will soon be shared through Lithuanian embassies, hotels and airports and will also develop into a full line of “Finding Lithuania” products, including scented candles.

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