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HAU Hair Pack: Sheet Masks for Hair

The at-home caps were inspired by Korean salon hair mask treatments intended for damaged, dry hair.

Sillage Solutions at World Perfumery Congress

Sillage in fine fragrances is an important aspect of the perfume wearers' experience. At World Perfumery Congress, master perfumer Carlos Benaïm and John Brahms, Ph.D., both International Flavors and Fragrances, Inc. will discuss this topic and its technical applications for perfume making.

[Updated] Perfume Past and Present: Preserving History at World Perfumery Congress

At the World Perfumery Congress 2018, the fragrance industry will look at challenges and opportunities in recreating historic fragrances with a presentation from, Luca Turin, Ph.D., and Saskia Wilson-Brown.

Laura Geller's Spackle Blur Sticks

Spackle Blur Sticks use soothing ingredients and antioxidants to prime, hydrate and neutralize the face in both hydrating and matte formulas.

Future of Fragrance and Its Growth With Hannah Symons

At the World Perfumery Congress 2018, the fragrance industry will take a look forward with Hannah Symons' keynote presentation, “The Future of Fragrance & Growth Opportunities.”

Special Report: The State of Beauty, 2018

There is no one beauty consumer, said Nielsen’s Jordan Rost. The market, he added, represents a complex and diverse mix of needs and wants, all of it led by emotions.

3 Ways to Shake Up Sun Care

Fun formats, improved performance and consumer-relevant products are creating newness in the market.

Skin Care’s Softer Touch

Microbiome research, neurocosmetics, thoughtful ingredient and formulation concepts, and clean beauty approaches are offering a gentler, more consumer-friendly skin care experience.

One on One

With the increased sophistication of AI, machine learning, custom-scale manufacturing and e-commerce platforms, personalized skin care’s future is bright.

Skin Care: Sense & Sensitivity

As consumers increasingly complain of sensitive skin, ingredient manufacturers and brands are stepping up their innovation.

Special Report: Skin Care & Holistic Living

New research reveals consumer attitudes and behaviors toward alternative therapies, skin care and holistic wellness lifestyles.

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