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Skin Care: Sense & Sensitivity

As consumers increasingly complain of sensitive skin, ingredient manufacturers and brands are stepping up their innovation.

Special Report: Skin Care & Holistic Living

New research reveals consumer attitudes and behaviors toward alternative therapies, skin care and holistic wellness lifestyles.

Milk Makeup Launches Watermelon Serum in Stick Form

The solid serum joins the ranks of Milk's other solid skin care products, Matcha Cleanser and Toner.

Hush: Where Hair Care Meets Makeup

Hush's hair color products meant to provide the same instant gratification to users' hair that makeup delivers for their face.

The 10 Brands With the Most Earned Media Value

Tribe Dynamics describes earned media value as the "metric that quantifies the estimated value of publicity gained through digital earned media and their respective engagement levels."

[podcast] Sleep, Skin and the Microbiome

Is there a possible gut-brain-beauty connection? Stefanie Dhanda, of Johnson & Johnson, seems to think so. In this podcast, she enlightens us with findings from a collaboration with Holobiome Corp.

One Size Does Not Fit All Men: Gillette Launches 5 New Razors

A 2018 survey of 884 U.S. men found that nearly two-thirds believe it's important for razor brands to offer more than one blade option.

I Try on My Little Eye: Perfect Corp. and Eyelure Team Up for AR Lash Try-On

Users may select from 10 styles—including bestsellers from the Silk Effects, Faux Mink, Definition and Wispy collections—and can try them all in less than 10 seconds.

H2O+'s Rapids Soothing Probiotic Bubble Mask

Rapids Soothing Probiotic Bubble Mask is meant to balance skin moisture using ingredients such as probiotics and champagne extract to calm skin.

Pür's 'Shake & Bake' Powder-to-Cream Under Eye Concealer

The "Shake & Bake" Concealer includes green tea, ginseng and vitamin B, and transforms from a powder to a cream formula.

The Smell of Clean at the World Perfumery Congress

During his “Tide: The History of the Smell of Clean in North America” presentation, Rafael Trujillo, research fellow perfumer for P&G, will outline the history of the iconic detergent brand.

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