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Will J-beauty Overtake K-beauty in 2018?

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Could Korean beauty's time in the spotlight be coming to an end? 

Over the past few years, beauty lovers around the world have ogled over K-beauty skin care and makeup, but a recent article from the South China Morning Post suggests that while K-beauty isn't slowing down, it may soon have to share that spotlight with its Japanese neighbors. 

J-beauty has been in the beauty and personal care zeitgeist a lot lately. From the U.K. launch of Decorté to the launch of LenaJapon's ecommerce site in the U.S. to the launch of Shiseido's Posme and its millennial-focused skin care line, Waso, the article suggests that 2018 could be the year niche labels help Japan overtake Korea. 

According to the article, J-beauty is "steeped in age-old rituals, [and] has already begun changing the faces of women across continents. Japan, after all, is the country that took double cleansing mainstream, created essences as a skin care category and taught the world that cleansing oils were not an oxymoron ... And it continues to push the boundaries of innovation by marrying old-school principles with technology and environmental factors."

J-beauty Brands to Keep on Your Radar

  • Shiseido
  • Fairydrops
  • Sensai
  • DHC
  • Suqqu
  • Yu-Be
  • Decorté
  • Damdam
  • SK-II
  • Albion
  • Addiction
  • Chicca
  • Flowfushi
  • RMK
  • Shu Uemura 
  • Kate Tokyo
  • NaturaGlace

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