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Everist Launches with Line of Waterless Hair Care

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Everist has unveiled its patent-pending hair care concentrates: a waterless shampoo and conditioner.

Everist Inc., a new clean, zero-waste beauty company, has debuted with the launch of its waterless hair care products.

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The company's first launch includes its waterless shampoo and conditioner formulated as a cream-paste and contains coconut-derived cleansers, aloe vera, peppermint, amla and rosemary oils among other clean ingredients. 

The formulas are activated with the water from a shower and are clean, biodegradable, vegan, cruelty-free and zero-waste.

Everist is slated to expand into body care and skin care later in 2021.

The brand was built by two women with a collective 25 years of experience at companies such as L’Oréal and Revlon. 

Jessica Stevenson, CEO of Everist, said, “We were fortunate early on to have people who saw the potential of our big ideas. In a world of misinformation and greenwashing, zero-waste and clean beauty requires a great amount of thoughtfulness to ensure it is done right. We are committed to discovering new ways of doing things across the entire supply chain and creating better, higher performing products as the result. We are lucky to have partners that believe in us and understand the rigor that it takes to bring this to life.”

Jayme Jenkins, chief brand officer at Everist, said, “Coming from big beauty, we understand what goes into making great products. We also know and care about the impact that the beauty industry is having on the planet. To make eco for the masses we had to do things differently. Our approach is not to solely focus on the desire to be conscious, but to have formulas that are best in class and maintain sustainability throughout their entire product life cycle. Our hair care concentrates will change the way people look at eco beauty.”